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If you want a career with an organization that offers a high performance environment, has a track record of success, is an industry leader and where recognition, rewards and opportunities for advancement are based on performance and results, then, The Alpha Group may be the place for you.

Alpha is a privately owned, American company that offers its employees a stimulating and collaborative work environment, supported by a competitive remuneration package; competitive base compensation and annual bonus program; and benefits including Medical, Dental, Employee Assistance Plan and much more. If you are interested in joining a profitable, growing, and dynamic company, we want to hear from you!


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The Alpha Group offers a competitive package of employee benefits, including:

  • A comprehensive healthcare plan with dental, prescription and vision exam coverage
  • Group life/AD&D insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, an Employee Assistance Program and a voluntary life insurance program
  • A full cafeteria plan for Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care, including a substantial company contribution available toward annual childcare costs
  • A robust 401(k) plan with varied investment options. Alpha contributes matching dollars annually at the discretion of its trustees
  • An annual tuition reimbursement program to encourage learning and growth
  • Eight paid holidays each year
  • Up to two weeks of vacation time accrued annually at the start of employment

Please check out the positions currently open with The Alpha Group, as new opportunities are posted frequently.


The Alpha Family Vision is to be known as the "world’s leading power solutions company".

Our products reflect the highest:

  • Value
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • And the lowest lifetime cost



  • Customer Focus
  • Spirited Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Living the Alpha Family’s Core Ideology of:
    • Quality
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Environmental and Community Responsibility
    • Integrity

At the same time, we strive every day to provide the highest level of service and responsiveness to all our customers.

Everify Program


The Alpha Group participates in the federal government's E-Verify program.

Legislation requires employers to verify that all newly hired individuals are authorized to work in the United States. Each new employee must complete an Employment Verification (Form I-9) and provide legally acceptable proof of their identity and authorization to work in the United States.

E-Verify is an internet based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security Numbers.

Through participation in the E-Verify program, Alpha Technologies electronically verifies the employment eligibility and Social Security Number validity of all new hires.

E-Verify is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  

Learn more at E-Verify website


Altair Advanced Industries Inc.

Altair Advanced Industries Inc.


Altair Advanced Industries, Inc., a certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise founded by Grace Borsari, produces standby power supplies for the cable TV and communications markets. As cable broadband networks have expanded to carry data, video and voice, in addition to television entertainment, the value of a reliably powered broadband network has become a necessity.

As the sole manufacturer of the industry standard broadband power supply, the Alpha XM3-HP, as well as many other power supplies, enclosures, rectifiers and components, Altair continues to lead the market in communication network powering.

As a member of The Alpha Group, Altair Advanced Industries Inc. is a manufacturing organization serving all Alpha Group companies across the U.S and Canada. Altair's vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Bellingham, WA and Suwanee, GA provide state of the art technology, including CNC fabrication, PCB assembly, product integration, assembly, testing and distribution.

alpha campus

Bellingham, WA

altair suwanee

Suwanee, GA


grace "From an operations standpoint, Altair has been able to sustain enormous growth over more than thirty years in business, and still maintains a single focus on servicing the needs of its customers. With a constant commitment to excellence, Altair has established itself as a world-class manufacturer. We build all Alpha products to industry-specific guidelines with an uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability."

Grace Borsari, CEO of Altair Advanced Industries.


Altair Advanced Industries Quality Policy

Our commitment to Quality is our Commitment to Success. We are committed to our Quality Management System by improving our organization's effectiveness to meet all requirements and continually exceed our customers' expectations.

ISO9001/2008 Certification: Bellingham, WA
ISO9001/2008 Certification: Suwanee, GA

 Certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise Altair Advanced Industries, Inc. is now a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by The Supplier Clearinghouse, an independent audit and verification organization.

Woman-owned Business Enterprise Certification: Bellingham, WA and Suwanee, GA


About The Alpha Group

The Alpha Group Global Achievements

  • Over three (3) million powering solutions in operation globally
  • Over 35 years of powering solution expertise
  • Over $500 million in annual sales
  • 1,300 employees

The Alpha Group is an alliance of independent companies sharing a common philosophy - to create world-class powering solutions. Alpha pioneered the concept of reliable, uninterruptible power for communications and broadband networks, and in the process has established a 35-year legacy of visionary, market-driven power solutions. Today, Alpha continues to focus on providing the most reliable, innovative and efficient powering solutions available as evidenced by the size and loyalty of its global customer base.

Through innovative engineering and a commitment to excellence, The Alpha Group has established itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of AC and DC power conversion, protection, and standby products for the global market. The sophistication of today's world has created a demand for reliable power more critical than ever before. With more than 35 years of aggressive research and development, The Alpha Group can ensure fast effective solutions. The Alpha Group products can be found in a diverse field of industries including Cable TV/Broadband , Telecom, Wireless, WiMax, Headend, Renewable Energy, Utility, Industrial, Medical, Security, Parking, Traffic Control, Access Control and Commdata.

Member companies include:

  • Alpha Technologies Inc.alpha-inc

    Alpha Technologies Inc., a member of The Alpha Group, provides the communications industry with the most reliable, technologically advanced and cost-effective powering solutions available. Alpha offers innovative and custom-configured powering solutions designed to meet the complex demands of today's power grid, built to support future expansion and provide unlimited opportunity. Widely used in cable television, communications and data networks worldwide, Alpha products have earned a reputation for reliability and performance. Alpha provides a full line of power products including: standby, non-standby and uninterruptible power supplies, surge suppressors, enclosures, batteries and powering accessories.

  • Alpha Technologies Ltd.alpha-ltd

    Alpha Technologies Ltd. a member of The Alpha Group, is an established leader in the design, manufacture, service and installation of powering solutions for the Telecom, CATV (Canada), Traffic, Security, Medical, Industrial, and Renewable Energy industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of high-quality, feature-rich solutions that can be customized to suit almost any application and environment, offering the highest performance and best value in the industry. With a focus on being your power solutions partner, Alpha builds on over 30 years of experience to develop solutions that resolve customers' unique powering challenges.

  • Altair Advanced Industries, Inc.altair-advanced

    Altair Advanced Industries, Inc., a member of The Alpha Group, is a contract manufacturing organization that serves all Alpha Group companies as well as third parties across the U.S. and Canada. Altair's vertically integrated manufacturing facilities provide state-of-the-art technology including CNC fabrication, PCB assembly, powdercoat finishing, product integration, assembly and testing.
    Web: Find out more about Altair Advanced Industries inc.

  • Alpha Industrial Powerindustrial
    Alpha Industrial Power, Inc. A member of The Alpha Group, provides innovative, industrial-grade powering solutions for large-scale operations. With over 30 years’ experience, Alpha offers flexible and dependable systems to fit unique applications and deliver consistent, superior performance. AIP provides a full line of industrial-grade power products including comprehensive battery systems, intelligent chargers and uninterruptible power supplies. Applications include power generation facilities, substations, electrical utilities, transportation systems, communication networks and other enterprises with unique powering requirements.

  • Alpha Technologies Services Inc.alpha-inc

    Alpha Technologies Services, Inc., a member of The Alpha Group, provides maintenance, repair, technical support, warranty services and customer training programs for all Alpha Group products. Alpha’ state-of-the-art repair and development depots are strategically located around the world, accommodating product restoration and refurbishment, product improvement, research and modification. ATS provides around-the-clock customer service, with trained field service engineers available and ready to administer routine system maintenance or emergency service repair.

  • Alpha Technologies SA alpha-ltd

    Alpha Technologies SA, a member of The Alpha Group, is a pioneer in the field of power technology. Recognized for its highly reliable standard and custom-designed power solutions, Alpha has become a prime supplier to market leaders in the telecom, traffic and medical segments throughout Europe. Alpha invests continuously in end-to-end solutions from site monitoring and control, to network management. The objective is to reduce the total cost of ownership of its customers including, among others, installation and maintenance costs, energy savings and assets management.

  • Outback Power Technologies, Inc.

    Outback Power Technologies, a member of The Alpha Group, is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power and mobile applications. With an emphasis on product performance, OutBack has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environmental conditions where product reliability is paramount. For grid-tied, grid-interactive, and off-grid applications, OutBack has advanced power conversion electronics to make your renewable energy system efficient and dependable.

  • Alpha Energyalpha-energy

    Alpha Energy, member of The Alpha Group and a division of Alpha Technologies Services, is a full-service engineering and project development company for the distributed generation power industry. Alpha is recognized as a market innovator in packaging renewable energy technologies and is one of the leading developers of turn-key photovoltaic systems for commercial, residential, institutional and remote applications. Utilizing solar, wind and alternative resources, Alpha Energy provides innovative power conversion solutions for the most demanding applications.

Cable TV/Broadband


Renewable Energy





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Our Goal: Reducing your total cost of ownership



We have set a high standard for ourselves in engineering the next generation power technologies committed to extreme reliability, cost savings and best-in-class performance



Instead of giving you data, intelligent products give you answers. We are working to provide the answers to optimize power system performance.



Running a cleaner and more efficient powering network can greatly reduce the amount of resources consumed, and at the same time lead to big reductions in operational expenses.



Through proper load matching and power supply sizing, tailored powering systems can perform at up to 94 percent efficiency, including room for system growth.



A powerful idea. The Alpha Group members have proven to have the ability to see, develop and deploy powerful ideas, synthesizing them into real world power solutions; solutions that solve problems and set industry standards. Ingenuity is the rule, innovation the result. The Alpha Group has a long list of industry milestones as evidence of its endless pursuit of quality, innovation and that next powerful, industry-leading idea.

This leadership is represented in a number of industry firsts that have provided The Alpha Group's customer base with new and innovative approaches to some of the world's most challenging powering applications. Alpha products are designed to perform day in and day out in some of the most demanding powering applications imaginable. Today, with millions of powering installations in more than 50 countries, Alpha Group members are committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of reliable communication powering.

Fred kaiser Chairmam of Alpha Group

Fred Kaiser



GroupDateAccomplishments Timeline
ATI 10-2012 Alpha Awarded Communications Technology Platinum Award for XM3-HP CableUPS®
ATI 10-2012 Alpha Introduces High Security Enclosure and all-inclusive High Performance Power System
ATI 08-2012 Alpha Partners with Corvus Energy to Expand High Power Battery Offering
ATI 08-2012 Alpha Integrates ReliOn Fuel Cell Technology into HPS Test Facility
AE 05-2012 Alpha Installs Hybrid Power System for Military Communication Center in SW US
AIP 05-2012 Secures Seismic Testing Certifications
ATI 04-2012 Releases OPS Configurator for renewable energy projects
ATI 01-2012 Mitra Innovations S.A changes name to Alpha Technologies S.A.
ATI 11-2011 Introduces Next-Generation Power Supply: XM3-HP
ATI 10-2011 Partners with SCTE to launch the Network and Facilities Power Pocket Guide
ATI 08-2011 Launches AlphaCell HP Battery line
ATI 07-2011 Unveils Prototype powering system with SCTE and CommScope Inc.
ATI 06-2011 Expands AlphaCell battery offering to include RE Series valve regulated lead acid batteries
ATI 06-2011 Launches LA-P-SM Series
ATI 05-2011 Introduces FlexPoint 1207-F
ATI 05-2011 Launches Flexible Backhaul Enclosure (FBE2322-ENC)
AIP 11-2010 Launches ACS125HP
ATI 06-2010 Launches XM2-300HP
ATI 05-2010 Acquires Mitra Innovations S.A.
ATI 05-2010 Introduces i2M (Intelligent Inverter Module) for XM2-HP power supply
AE 02-2010 Opens corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ
AE 01-2010 Completes construction of one of the largets solar racking structures in the US
ATL 12-2010 LTD and Argus Technologies merge to become "Alpha Technologies Ltd."
ATI 10-2009 Introduces the Alpha Modular Power System 80HP (AMPS80)
AE 10-2009 Launches the Solar Power Supply (SPS) Configurator as a web-based utility
ATS 10-2009 ATS acquires ASC Electronics to better serve Southeastern market
ATI 04-2009 Introduces Node Power Supply (NPS) enclosure for outside plant applications
ATI 09-2008 Introduces high-performance XM2-HP power supply
ATI 06-2008 Acquires Precision Technology Services, Inc.
ATS 04-2008 Relocates repair facility, expands repair operations in Southern US
ATI 01-2008 Releases Continuity Status Monitoring Software in Spanish
AE 08-2007 Introduces solar charging station for electric scooters
ATI 06-2007 Alpha celebrates 30 year anniversary
ATI 06-2007 Introduces new Battery Integration Tray
ATI 06-2007 Introduces new Generator Expansion Module for PWE line of enclosures
ATI 06-2007 Introduces the GMX 915 Series
AE 01-2007 Alpha Energy becomes an ENERGY STAR partner
ATI 01-2007 Expands AC uninterruptible power supplies to include the 22000EP single phase headend
ATI 10-2006 Introduces the Cordex 3.3kW battery charging system
ATI 09-2006 Launches FlexNet MPS Family of battery backup powering solutions
ATI 07-2006 Develops PWE High Security Device (PHSD) for PWE enclosures
ATI 07-2006 Announces plan to build 267 kW solar power plant for city of Loma Linda, CA
ATI 05-2006 Introduces Six Amp XM2 CableUPS
ATI 04-2006 Launches Novus FXM 1100 Uninterruptible Power Supply
ATI 03-2006 Launches Novus Micro Secure 100 Uninterruptible Power Supply
Alpha Group 12-2005 Launches Alpha Energy (Previously Altair Energy Inc.)
AIP 08-2005 Introduces Spectra Industrial Battery Charger
Alpha Group 06-2005 Launches Alpha Industrial Power (Previously MTI Technologies Inc.)
ATI 05-2005 Introduces Portable Generator Trailers
Alpha 2005 Industry first UPS approved Solar Grid Tied Inverter
Alpha 2005 VoIP Network Reliability Power Products
Alpha 2004 DC Portable Generators
Alpha 2003 Embedded and External DOCSIS Transponders
Argus 2003 Cordex series of rectifiers and controllers
Alpha 2002 Enhanced Battery Technology – 5 Year Warranty
Alpha 2001 Premise Power Solutions (NIU)
Argus 2001 Outdoor power enclosures
Alpha 2000 Fiber Deep Radium Outdoor Power Systems
Argus 2000 Introduction of the 10kW switched mode rectifier
Argus 2000 Introduction of SNMP Agent software for remote monitoring of plants
Argus 2000 Introduction of the DC Express Guaranteed Order and Delivery Program for DC power systems
Alpha 1999 Turn-Key Installation Services
Argus 1999 Introduction of the BP Series Power System
Alpha 1999 Introduce Custom Redundant Transfer Switch for Sun Microsystems server system
Alpha 1998 Curbside Generator Systems
Argus 1998 Introduction of “Insight” windows based software for configuration of SM02 based DC power systems
Argus 1998 Introduction of the Pathfinder family of switched mode rectifiers
Alpha 1997 Introduce Novus Product line of outdoor UPS for Wireless applications
Argus 1997 Introduction of the 5 Year Parts; 2 Year Labour Warranty
Argus 1997 Introduction of the SM series of system controllers
Alpha 1996 Fully Integrated Power Systems
Alpha 1995 Centralized Node Powering
Alpha 1994 Multiple Full-service HFC Broadband Test Sites
Alpha 1993 Installed British Columbia first traffic back up system
Alpha 1992 World’s First Combined Voice/Video Network Power System
Argus 1992 Introduction of the RSM series of rectifiers
Alpha 1991 Introduced Control Ferro Resonant UPS
Alpha 1989 Uninterruptible Broadband Power
Argus 1989 Introduction of the first commercial, 48V-100A switched mode rectifier
Alpha 1987 Alpha Introduces Dual-output Power Supply
Argus 1987 Launch of first Argus DC products
Alpha 1986 Remote Power Supply Status Monitoring
Alpha 1984 First OEM UPS product, MPS250 for Northern Telecom
Alpha 1983 Alpha Technologies Ltd. introduced its first UPS
Alpha 1978 Standby Power for Cable Television
Alpha 1976 Alpha Technologies Established


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About Alpha Industrial Power


aip buildingAlpha Industrial Power, a member of The Alpha Group and a division of Alpha Technologies Inc., provides innovative, industrial grade powering solutions through a diverse product line of large-scale battery systems, chargers and UPS's. Applications include power generation facilities, substations, electrical utilities, transportation systems, communication networks and other enterprises with unique powering needs.



Alpha Industrial Power

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