Industrial Power Solutions
Custom DC Chargers

Product Highlights

  • Battery systems
  • DC distribution
  • Description

    Through the integration of our battery systems, battery chargers and AC UPS systems, Alpha Industrial Power is able to provide industrial power solutions for telecommunications, electrical utilities, petrochemical and other large-scale applications.

    Battery Systems:
    Because batteries are such a critical link in providing reliable power solutions, Alpha Industrial Power offers a large selection of batteries incorporating several different battery technologies – each optimized for specific commercial and industrial applications. Exclusive internal design, unique casing options and extensive testing contribute to industry-leading field performance and extended service life.

    Battery Chargers:
    Alpha Industrial Power has addressed the power industry’s demand for individually customized, robust and durable industrial microprocessor-controlled battery chargers. More than two decades of aggressive research and development has yielded a charger line that provides complete integration, remote monitoring and enhanced power reliability.

    DC Distribution:
    DC Power plants provide DC power for communications applications. They allow complete control over the entire power system within one single, easy-to-use environment by combining the capabilities of distribution, advanced microprocessor-based supervision and modular rectifiers in a seamless integrated package.

    • Please contact Alpha Technologies Inc. for full product specifications.