Modular Wall Mounted Switched Mode Charger
  • Part Number: Consult Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: Battery Accessories
  • ACS performance, reliability and efficiency
  • Compact 10RU enclosure
  • Accomodates up to six hot-swappable Cordex 1.1kW rectifiers
  • Unity power factor with > 93% efficiency
  • Expandable to 52A output capacity
  • The Alpha Charging System High Performance Series provides excellent reliability and ultimate efficiency in meeting the power requirements for many types of system applications. The ACS HP Series is designed to charge all types of stationary batteries (flooded lead acid, VRLA, and NiCd) for industrial, utility, petrochemical and fire/utility applications. A compact 10RU shelf accommodates up to six, hot swappable, convection cooled Cordex™ 1.1kW rectifiers. The 1.1kW Cordex rectifiers possess extremely high density, providing the most power in the least amount of wall space. Whether used in a local or remote setup, system adjustment and control is a simple single-step process via the Cordex CXC touch screen system controller or via an Ethernet connection and an internet browser. TCP/IP, MODBUS, SNMP standard, with option for DNP3+.  Battery management and data logging are standard system features.

    • Electrical
      Nominal Voltage 208 to 240Vac (single-phase)
      Operating Voltage 177 to 264Vac
      Extended Voltage 176 to 150Vac (derated to 75%), 265 to 320Vac (derated PF)
      Phase Single
      Frequency 45 to 70Hz
      Current 5.8 to 5A/module-nominal (6.9A Max@ 176VAC)
      Power 4400W continuous/module
      Power Factor >0.99 (50 to 100% load)
      THD <5% at 100% load
      Efficiency >93% (50 to 100% load)
      Voltage 90 to 160Vdc
      Current 8.8A module-nom. (11A Max @ 100VDC)
      Current 52.8A w/6 modules (66A Max @ 100VDC)
      Load Regulation Static <±0.5%
      Line Regulation Static <±0.1%
      Transient Response <±5% for 40 to 90% load step, 30ms recovery time
      Ripple <20m Vrms Battery Eliminator
      Standard Temp -40˚ to 50°C (-40˚ to 122°F)
      Extended Temp  600W/module @ 65˚C (149˚F)
      Storage Temp -40˚ to 85°C (-40˚ to 185°F)
      Humidity 0 to 95%  non-condensing
      Elevation -500 to 4,000m (-1,640 to 13,124ft);  derated to - 4˚C/1000m above sea level (-7.2˚F/3281 ft)
      Audible Noise <55dBa @ 1m (3ft)
      Standard Features
      Full graphic touch screen LCD with virtual alphanumeric and numeric keyboards
      Modbus Protocol
      Access GUI user interface via Internet browser through Ethernet port or RS-232 craft port on CXC Controller
      High interrupting current input and output breakers (10kA IC)
      Reverse polarity protection
      AC surge suppression
      Current limit protection
      Soft start protection
      Common Form C alarm relay contacts
      High voltage shutdown
      AC failure alarm
      High/Low voltage alarm
      Charger failure alarm
      Positive/Negative ground fault alarm
      DC output failure alarm
      Battery Temperature Compensation Probe (24ft-3/8"lug)
      Control Functions
      Functions Automatic, scheduled, or manual float charging (adjustable)
        Automatic, scheduled, or manual equalize charging (adjustable)
        High/Low voltage alarm setting (adjustable)
        Charge current limit (adjustable)
        Automatic or manual battery testing
        Battery capacity and runtime prediction
        Temperature compensation
      Daily Statistics Minimum, maximum and average on input channels, with date and time stamp. Battery current, rectifier current, and AC mains voltage for prior 90 days
      Event Log On all events such as alarms, power on, any change of state of the digital inputs, or other miscellaneous events
      Battery Log Battery health history on last 20 discharges, time of discharge, and battery capacity
      DNP3 +
      Standards and Certifications
      Safety EN 60950
        UL 60950-1 (pending)
        CSAC22.2No. 60950-1-03
        CE EN 60950, CB Scheme
        Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-1089-CORE
      EMC EN 55022 (CISPR 22)
        EN 61000-3-2 EN 61000-3-3
        EN 61000-4-2 EN 61000-4-3
        EN 61000-4-4 EN 61000-4-5
        EN 61000-4-6 EN 61000-4-11
        ETS 300 019-1-1 ETS 300 019-1-2
        ETS 300 753 IEC60950
        ICES-003 Class B FCC Part 15 Class B
        FCC Part 68
      Dimensions Empty Rectifier Module
      mm 1049 H x 622 W x 597 D 177 H x 71 W x 250 D
      in 20.4 H x 20.0 W x 14.2 D 6.9 H x 2.8 W x 9.8 D
      Weight 36 / 80 3.2 / 7.1
      Cabinet NEMA 1 (black finish)
      NEMA 1 (black finish)