Industrial-Grade Battery Charger
Spectra Single Phase

Product Highlights

  • Industrial-grade battery charger
  • Microprocessor control and digital display
  • Battery eliminator option for use as a DC source without batteries
  • Universal control boards and control disable for tamper-free operation
  • Online adjustment
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and replacement
  • UL listed and CSA label
  • Description

    The Alpha Spectra Industrial Battery Charger incorporates the latest digital and power electronics technologies to form one of the most reliable battery chargers available. The unique SCR rectifier with a double wound isolation transformer provides precisely regulated DC output and currentlimiting capabilities. Three different output-filtering configurations are available to match powering requirements. Approved to UL, CSA and EMI standards. Made in the USA.

    • Electrical Specifications
      AC Input Voltage 120, 208 or 240V +10%, -12%
      Phase 1
      Frequency 50 or 60Hz ±3Hz
      Power Factor 0.8 typical full load
      Efficiency 80 to 90% at 50 to 100% load
      DC Output Voltage 24, 48 or 130Vdc nominal
      Current 6, 12, 20, 25 or 50Adc
      Continuous Rating 110% rated current at max equalize voltage at 50°C / 122°F
      Voltage Regulation ±.25% for line, load and temperature
      Transient Response <±6% with 20 to 100% step load with battery connected
      Electrical Noise 30m Vrms/32BDrnC weighted maximum on filtered versions (battery eliminator)
        <2%Vrms for 130Vdc output
        <1%Vrms for 48Vdc output
      Mechanical Specifications
      NEMA 1 Enclosures Standard
      Dimensions S1 (in/mm) 17.5 H x 19 W x 16.75 D
        (445 x 483 x 425)
      Dimensions S2 (in/mm) 26.25 H x 19 W x 16.75 D
        (667 x 483 x 426)
      Dimensions S3 (in/mm) 35 H x 19 W x 13.75 D
        (889 x 483 x 425)
      Environmental Specifications
      Natural Convection  
      Ambient Temperature 0–40°C (32–105°F)
      Elevation 1000m (3000ft) without derating
      Relative Humidity 0–95% (non condensing)
      Standard Features
      LCD display
      High DC voltage shutdown
      Charger pause 0 to 60 min
      Push button mode selection
      Reverse polarity protection
      AC and DC surge suppressors
      Sprinkler resistant ventilation
      Wire protection on field connections
      UL listed
      Floor mount legs
      Stackable enclosure
      Summary alarm contact relay
      Summary alarm buzzer
      AC H/L voltage alarm and AC fail indication
      H/L DC voltage alarm
      AC input and DC output circuit breakers
      Control panel and circuit breakers recessed
      Bottom/Side cable entry
      AC, DC, float and equalize indicator lights
      Field programmable with security levels
      Compression terminal strip for field wiring
      Standard Features
      Optional Features
      DC ouput filter
      Conformal seal on electronic boards
      Battery eliminator filter
      Anti-fungus coating
      Input lightning arrestor
      Special AC input voltage
      Remote control panel
      19" or 23" relay rackmounting
      Parallel charging
      Remote DC voltage sensor
      Cabinet heater
      Special AC power connections
      Local or remote voltage sensor
      Remote temperature compensation
      Individual alarm relay contact board (alarm input/output board)